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MAGIX Mufin MusicFinder is your new MP3 Manager that not only will keep your music collection organized, but will also make music selections for you according to the type of music you wish to listen to. Using the ID3 tagging system, Mufin MusicFinder will create playlists of your favourite music genres and will look for similar tracks either on your system or out there in the web. It will then allow you to transfer the desired tracks to your portable player or to burn CDs with certain playlists.

Its simple and easy-to-use interface shows you a complete library with all the music folders found in your computer, in any inserted CD, and in any portable device connected to your system. MAGIX Mufin MusicFinder will then give you the opportunity of transcoding any of your files into MP3, AAC, MP4, WMA, OGG, WAV and FLAC, quickly and without hassle.

You can create and save as many playlists as you wish. Mufin MusicFinder creates its own playlists (PLR) but will easily import any standard playlist from your drives (M3U, CUE, WinAmp PLS, iTunes TXT and XML).

Tag your music files properly, either using online services like FreeDB, or through manual input, and then you can let MAGIX Mufin MusicFinder to make its own compilations according to your personal tastes, creating exclusive playlists that you can then play in your computer or export to your portable device, including your iPod.

As an organizer, MAGIX Mufin MusicFinder includes some powerful functionality. Its “Search in Library” option allows you to select and combine up to three different search options, each one with its particular set of conditions. Combine them using AND/OR and MusicFinder will select all the hits for you, and will even create a playlist with them, if selected. Other important cataloguing functions allow you to rename entire folders of files according to your settings, backup the data of your entire library for later use on a different computer, delete your entire library, and search for duplicate files, just to name a few.

MAGIX Mufin MusicFinder is the easy way of transferring music to your iPod or other portable device. Just select the tracks you want to send to your player (or let MusicFinder do it for you), and it will send them to your player right in the format and bitrate accepted by it, re-encoding them automatically on the fly if needed.

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  • Automated CD/HDD to Portable Player process, including encoding to the required format
  • Online searching of similar tracks


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